Identification of geotourism potential in Timor-Leste is a preliminary phase of sustainable geotourism program with a main objective of collecting and providing data to develop geotourism objects into geotourism sites in the future be based on the principles of environmental conservation, natural science education and enhancement economy of local community.

This study applies two (2) stages approaches i.e. Literature Review and Field Observation. The aim of reviewing existing literatures are to have a prior understanding and accumulation stage of references needed from various sources, especially about geotourism and geology of Timor-Leste while Filed Observation or Field Work is the stage of collecting all pertinent geotourism objects in identifying the general potential of geodiversity. There is one (1) considered method applying in this research. It is Qualitative Method such as "GIS Survey, Descriptive and Interview to the community”.

Geotourism potential objects that have been identified in Timor Leste area hundred and sixteen (116) geotourism objects from a total of six (6) Municipalities. Furthermore, from all identified geotourism potential objects are classified into eight (8) geotourism areas based on their geodiversity which proposed to be a geoconservation area. Based on the preliminary identification of geotourism objects in Timor-Leste, it has reached to the conclusion that the general potential of geodiversity in Timor-Leste is very prospect to develop each geotourism object into a future geotourism site area.
Geoconservation Map (USJTL, 2018)

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